You’ve signed the purchase agreement with your suppliers. Now here’s the hard part – how do you ensure that they deliver your products on time, at the quality you expect, and with the correct specifications? ​

At SIXM our quality inspectors are ready to monitor your suppliers from the pre-production stages all the way to delivery. We have extensive experience in industry quality standards (e.g. ISO, MIL, TS), quality management systems, and manufacturing processes.

If you are ordering custom-made or specialised components from your suppliers, our supplier quality engineers are on-hand to provide advanced quality inspection and problem resolution services. They go right to the heart of the suppliers’ manufacturing processes and component design to resolve production and quality problems.

Our Services Include

Product Inspections
Pre-Production Inspections
Pre-Shipment Inspections
Defect Detection
During Production Inspections
Supplier Performance Monitoring and Feedback
Supplier Quality Engineering
Quality data collection and analysis
FMEA and Tear Down Analysis
Corrective actions development and implementation
Root cause identification and analysis
Production management
Calibration analysis
QC supplier training
Bill of materials examination
Sub-vendor examination

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